It’s been a long time since I last wrote anything here. Lack of inspiration and laziness sure make a bad cocktail. I’ll try to find something interesting to write about, in the meantime, here’s a little update on our favorite socialist beacon of light.


Every civilized and educated human being knows the only way to have roads is to have the government build them. Only the majestic “Let there be roads” roar of a statesman can conjure these technological marvels into existence. It’s such a powerful force that saying “Who would build the roads?” three times allows you to banish any pesky libertarian back to his reptilian overlords in the center of the earth.

Sadly, our benevolent protector hasn’t quite mastered the art of car making to the same degree. As exampled by our dear socialist vanguard country, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

I already wrote a small piece to show the descent to hell of the Venezuelan car industry. Have you been wondering what happened since?


Yeah, it’s still twenty thousand leagues under the sea. What a waste of wonderful public roads… The sad part is that France is on the same road Venezuela is, albeit not this far.

Take a guess : how do supporters of chavist policies in France, mainly the communists and the soralians(if you wondering what the hell this is, it’s basically what happens in France if you fuse a commie with a far-right nationalist) explain the soaring prices in Venezuela? “The unprecedented boom in the people’s purchasing power has lead to a surge in prices, fueled by speculation”. Yeah, right, it has to be that, it can’t be because the planned economy has never worked anywhere and never will.