Welcome to a world where everything is upside down, nothing makes sense and cats and dogs live together. Welcome to the French political debate. A mere glimpse of it and you immediately get what’s wrong with the country and why it doesn’t get any better despite all the agitation of our political crooks(more coming on the criminality among our politicians in a future article).

What’s so remarkable about these debates? They all rest on a fundamental contradiction that none of the participants and few of the spectators seem to see : everyone claims to be the top anti-libertarian dog in the country while at the same time libertarianism has allegedly been ruling the country for at least 30 years and is the source of all evil. Imagine if John McCain called out Barack Obama for being an ultra-libertarian(“ultra-libéral” as they say here) and you get the core of the “debate”. Remember the stalinist tactic of calling you opponent a fascist so he has to defend himself instead of making his point? It’s exactly that, except you call him a “libéral”, “néo-libéral”, “ultra-libéral”, “social-libéral”, anything that can associate him with the Devil, even if it’s a meaningless pseudo-concept you throw at everyone. It’s worse than being called a fascist, because most people would actually identify someone throwing the word fascist around as having no argument.

And the most jarring part is that not one of these politicians or experts gets called out and asked to justify the label or argue what’s inherently wrong with being a libertarian(or they’ll just get away with asinine fallacies like the free fox in the free hen house metaphore). No one bats an eye. Nobody finds weird that the so called libertarian ruling parties are passing Internet censorship law while all the actual libertarian/libéral bloggers or Twitter users are losing their minds. Ask any random anti-libertarian on the Internet why the supposedly libertarian government gets trashed everyday in the best libertarian journal in the country and your question will fall into deaf ears. There’s an anecdote about some french senator visiting Switzerland and lecturing his host about how the Swiss don’t get how public finance is supposed to work and how France is a libertarian country and whatnot. The Swiss man responded that if France is a libertarian country, Switzerland is an ecstasy-filled exchangist club. That’s how disconnected with basic concepts and definitions a French politician can be.

The obvious problem of that situation is that French politics have turned into a giant delusion party where people fool themselves about the nature of our problems and the possible solutions, a circlejerk in which everyone competes over who can slay the boogeyman in the most over-the-top fashion. I guess the real problems can wait for these guys to settle over whose daddy is the strongest.